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New Water Mains & Supply Pipes

We are also experts in designing and implementing new water infrastructure. By recommending appropriate systems and efficiency measures, we can ensure your water network delivers optimum performance and efficiency from day one.

If your business needs to install new private side water mains, or new supply pipes (within the boundary of your property), our team can provide expert advice on the best and most cost efficient way forward.

We can take care of everything from arranging a highways opening notice right through to producing a detailed water bacteriological analysis at the end of the project, giving you peace of mind that your new supply complies with water regulations.

If you require a connection to the water main in the street you will need to contact your water company to organise with them.  The teams within water companies are normally call ‘Developer Services’ and if you are looking to connect to Northumbrian Water (NW) or Essex and Suffolk Water (ESW) you can use the links below to download the required forms and for contact details.

Northumbrian Water (NW) –

Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW) –

Once you have gone through the process with the Developer Services team of your water company you will be provide with a site drawing indicating where the new connection will be.  From this we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote for the private side mains and supplies.

We use the latest open trench directional drilling to install new pipes underground as an alternative to traditional open cut techniques. This minimises disruption to your business and the environment. After installation, we will carry out chlorination and pressure testing (if required) to make sure there are no leaks in your new water infrastructure and the supply is safe and within water regulation guidelines. If you need internal plumbing while we are renewing your external underground pipe work, our team can take care of this too.

If you would like to discuss your plans with us we can give you the most cost effective solution, but we will need the information about the new connection from your water company.  Speak to our team 0800 028 3557 option 2.

Are you looking to add a new water connection to your site?

We can install your new privated side mains and supplies, ask our team today.

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