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Overview Of Service

For businesses that use large quantities of water, a grey water (water that has been used but is not contaminated with human waste) recycling system can provide significant cost savings over time, with reductions in water and sewerage expenses quickly covering the cost of installation.

A grey water treatment system allows grey water to be re-purposed in a variety of ways for business, reducing your water bills and environmental impact. Our experienced team can advise on potential grey water applications within your business, including:

  • Toilets
  • Irrigation
  • Laundry
  • Vehicle washing
  • Cooling and rinsing
  • Feeding boilers and chilled water circuits

Our consultants have significant experience in specifying and installing customised grey water recycling systems for a range of businesses, and all our installations adhere to BS 8525-1:2010 Greywater systems: Code of practice. We can support you to manage all aspects of the installation, from financing your investment through to ensuring the safety and compliance or your new grey water treatment system.

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Strategic Advice on Water Recycling

Re-using or collecting water can help reduce your business’s water costs significantly, particularly if your business uses large quantities of water for hospitality or industrial purposes. Our team have extensive industry experience and are able to help your business make the right choices when it comes to harvesting or re-using water.

The best technology, or combination of technologies, to invest in will depend on your business’s individual circumstances. It’s important to develop a deep understanding of how your business uses water, to make the right decisions and generate the maximum impact. Our team work closely with your business to decide exactly which approach is best for your situation, and to help you set the right path forward.

Water recycling can be a significant investment for your business, and while the benefits can be substantial, they are best measured over a period of at least ten years. Our team can help your business make short term improvements to other areas of your water management to help offset the setup cost of more advanced technologies and can support with measurement and projections to support a business case for long term investment.

What is Grey Water Recycling?

Grey water recycling systems are particularly popular for hospitality, healthcare, or education organisations, or any other businesses who require high levels of potable water to operate.

Grey water is water which has already been used, but which is not contaminated with human waste (black water). If your business uses high levels of mains water, it could be possible to make savings by re-using grey water for purposes that don’t require completely fresh, drinkable water.

For example, a hotel could collect water from showers or laundry, and re-use this to flush toilets. This would reduce the amount of water drawn from the mains, reducing your company’s water bills. Grey water recycling also reduces the total amount of water output from your business, reducing sewerage charges as well.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a good choice for businesses whose water usage is high, but who don’t necessarily need this water to be fully clean and drinkable. For example, businesses who use large amounts of water for cooling, vehicle cleaning or dust suppression could benefit from harvesting rainwater for these purposes instead of using mains water.

Rainwater harvesting works best for businesses who have a large surface area, such as rooftops, on their site where water can be collected. Factories or other industrial facilities are often well-placed to benefit from rainwater harvesting for this reason.

Rainwater recycling can reduce your company’s mains water usage, reducing water bills. It can also reduce water runoff from your business’s site into the mains, reducing your sewerage costs.

Measurement and Cost Savings

Both grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting can generate long term savings for your business, by reducing both your water bills and your sewerage costs. Proper measurement is vital to ensure you’re able to generate the maximum return on your investment. Our team can advise you on how to ensure your business generates the maximum savings and impact from water recycling technology.

Our smart meter reading systems provide real-time data on your water usage, ensuring your company is billed accurately and that you receive the full benefit of any reduction in usage

Businesses are often charged for sewerage or water runoff using a standard formula, so it’s vital to invest in the right measurement to ensure your company is charged accurately for its usage. Smart metering systems can be installed on drainage pipes to measure your output accurately, and our expert team can advise on how to ensure your water supplier is using the right calculations to ensure your bills reflect your usage fairly.

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