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Advanced Anaerobic Digestion

Our team have the experience and knowledge to help your business implement Anaerobic Digestion projects, using cutting-edge technology to process waste products and generate clean energy.

Advanced Anaerobic Digestion plants can help your business turn waste into a new energy source, or even a new revenue stream.

By treating agricultural waste, an Anaerobic Digestion plant generates biogas which is then used to generate electricity, or even be fed directly into the national grid. The anaerobic digestion process can produce large quantities of clean renewable energy, generating revenue whilst reducing electricity and waste water costs.

Our team have delivered a number of innovative Anaerobic Digestion projects to date, and have experience of the entire process from concept development through to financing and implementation.

Design and Build of AD Facilities

Our team has extensive experience in designing and building Anaerobic Digestion plants. Total Water Solutions is part of Northumbrian Water Group, which owns and operates several Advanced Anaerobic Digestion facilities, and uses 100% of its waste sludge to create energy.

Even if your company does not generate enough waste to justify investing in its own Advanced Anaerobic Digestion plant, Total Water Solutions can offer a number of different solutions to help with disposal or processing of waste, to help your business reduce its sewerage costs or even generate a new revenue stream by selling waste for processing.

As part of Northumbrian Water Group, Total Water Solutions operates a number of Anaerobic Digestion facilities. This means we can offer businesses the opportunity to send their own waste for processing at our sites in Tyneside, Tees Valley, and Leeds.

Businesses who generate agricultural, human, or industrial waste can save on disposal and sewerage costs by sending their waste for processing at one of our AD facilities rather than outputting it as trade effluent. This saves money, improves your company’s green credentials, and can even turn waste disposal from a cost centre into a new revenue stream for your business.

Operation of Existing AD Sites

If your company has an Anaerobic Digestion plant, Total Water Solutions can provide a range of services to support you with its operation and maintenance.

As part of Northumbrian Water Group, Total Water Solutions currently operate AD facilities nationwide, and has extensive experience and expertise in maintaining AD systems. We can also support with upgrading current AD systems, for example by adding an upgrade system to allow generated gas to be converted to biomethane and sold directly to the grid.

If your company has an AD plant but struggles to generate enough waste to run it profitably, Total Water Solutions can also buy your facility. If your company has previously invested in AD but are struggling to generate a return, we can take over the operation of your site to ensure that your AAD facilities are used to their full potential.

Strategy & Innovation

Our team are dedicated to working with your business to put a strong, sustainable water management strategy in place, saving you money, time, and reducing your environmental impact.

Advanced Anaerobic Digestion facilities use cutting-edge technology to help businesses achieve the very highest levels of efficiency in their operations, and our team can support you from the very early stages of reducing your water usage through to implementing advanced technologies like AD.

Our team are also continuously innovating, and can support with cutting-edge technology and creative ideas to help your business find new ways to reduce waste, generate energy and save water. Our consultants are continuously on the lookout for new technologies and engineering developments which could help your business save money and become more sustainable.


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