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Chlorination & Pressure Testing

If you’re installing new water infrastructure, you may have obligations to carry out pressure and chlorination testing to ensure that it’s safe to connect any new pipes to the public water mains. Total Water Solutions can help you understand when this is necessary and manage every aspect of chlorination, pressure testing and sampling, to ensure that your new water systems are fully compliant with water regulations.

Under the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, new water systems containing more than one joint must be pressure tested before connection to the public water mains, to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the public water network is maintained. Both underground and above-ground water systems must be tested, to ensure they’re able to cope with increases in pressure without leaking.

In some circumstances, chlorination is also required to disinfect new water pipes before they’re connected to the mains. In particular, water pipes which are more than 50 metres in length or 50mm in internal diameter, or which have been left empty or isolated for more than 30 days, must be disinfected. After chlorination, a bacteriological analysis must also be carried out to confirm that the new pipes do not pose any risk to the mains water supply.

As part of Northumbrian Water Group, Total Water Solutions’ expert team are perfectly placed to ensure that your new water infrastructure is fully compliant and ready for connection to the mains network. We manage every aspect of pressure testing, chlorination and sampling to confirm that your new water infrastructure is fully compliant with water regulations, with full UKAS accredited sampling and analysis from our own in-house laboratories to ensure a fast turnaround and high quality of service.

If necessary, we can also recommend and support with remedial work or reinforcement to ensure your water systems are maintained to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on providing a fast service with minimal disruption to your operations, and provide all the necessary plant, machinery and resources to conduct any remedial work.

Follow our simple flowchart to find out what you need to do to stay compliant and if you have questions you can contact the team on 0800 028 3557 option 2 or use the web form below.


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“Total Water Solutions’ processes and staff are quick and effective at organising Chlorination and Pressure Testing, every efficient!”  – Michael Siddle​, Bellway

“The Total Water Solutions team are fantastic, informative and helpful.  They have supported us on a number of chlorination and pressure testing projects ensuring we hit our deadlines.” – Daniel Duffield, Persimmon Homes

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