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Commercial Leak Detection

Our commercial leak detection and leak repair teams are experts at tracking leaks to their source and fixing them. Even a small, 5 litre per minute leak can cost over £5000 per year, so this work can rapidly help your business achieve significant cost savings.

As a leading water and wastewater company, we are the experts at finding hidden leaks – it is part of our day job. If you suspect a leak at your business premises but don’t know the location, our specialist leak detection team offer a fully comprehensive leak detection survey to find and repair the leak on your site.

Our dedicated commercial leak detection team offers a quick reactive service using the latest techniques and technology to find and repair leaks for a wide range of businesses from SMEs to schools to large factories.

Once a leak has been identified, our expert team can provide advice on what to do next to repair the leak with minimal disruption, to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

If you think you have a leak contact our leak detection team on 0800 028 3557 option 2.

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Every business we work with is different, and we tailor our approach and solutions to your individual business objectives and challenges. To find out more about how Total Water Solutions can help your business take control of its water usage, please contact us.

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A member of our expert team will be on hand to discuss your requirements and help develop a customised strategy.

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