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Operate & Maintain Waste Water

Our experts can support your business to manage all aspects of your sewerage, trade effluent and wastewater systems, helping you maintain compliance and save money.

Trade effluent or sewerage charges can account for a large portion of your business’s water bills. Our experienced experts will look at your current trade effluent discharge levels to help you understand how much they’re contributing to your business costs, and whether there are any usage trends. They could also benchmark them against other similar businesses to help you understand how you compare.

Our team can also help you ensure that your business is compliant with any monitoring or wastewater treatment requirements attached to it. If your business needs support in staying compliant with their consent, they’ll help you develop straightforward processes to stay on top of your responsibilities.

We can also help you reduce your wastewater costs, by identifying a range of process changes or wastewater treatment options that could help you save money on trade effluent costs, or even turn waste materials into a new revenue stream for your business.

We are experts in managing large infrastructure.

Whether it's PFI, PPP or DBO contracts, we have been doing this for 20 years and can support your organisation.

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