Providing confidence that your business complies with relevant legislation

Whatever sector or industry your business is in, you will have responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, tenants, clients or customers on your premises. TWS provides a wide range of solutions and advice, delivered by industry experts, to help you stay compliant in the face of constantly changing legislation.

Legionella Testing & Management

Water hygiene is a crucial area of responsibility for employers, landlords and business owners. We can support with BS8580 risk assessments tailored to your business. Our approach identifies any remedial work, and helps implement preventative strategies to maintain compliance.

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Tankered Waste Services – Industrial, Cess & Septic

Ensuring liquid waste is dealt with safely, sustainably and cost effectively is a major responsibility for businesses. Our sewage treatment centre at Bran Sands, Teesside, is industry leading in its sustainable approach to waste treatment.

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Fire Hydrant Testing

We provide pressure and flow testing for fire hydrants in accordance with BS9990, to ensure that they will work effectively in an emergency. We can provide all required testing and maintenance to provide peace of mind that your business is operating safely.

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RPZ Valves & Testing

RPZ valves reduce the pressure to you site and should be inspected every 12 months. Our annual inspections diminish the risk of RPZ failure resulting in potential disruption to your site supply or a sudden increase in pressure which could result in more leaks.

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