Total Water Solutions offers a comprehensive range of water management solutions for healthcare. With a duty of care for vulnerable individuals as well as employees, healthcare organisations face extremely rigorous regulatory standards to ensure their water systems are safe and hygienic. Our customers in the healthcare sector tell us that they have complete trust in our expert team to help safeguard and improve their water systems.

Understand Your Water Usage & Save Money

From the outset, our aim is to ensure your business has a clear view of its water usage. We work closely with you to understand your current usage trends, benchmarked against others in the healthcare industry. Water and effluent audits help us to identify areas of improvement to reduce your water and sewerage charges.

Our sophisticated measurement technologies can help reduce water bills across your properties, saving money for you and your tenants. With real-time metering data and ongoing water management consultancy and support, our systems can help you identify wastage, fix leaks, make efficiencies, and reduce your water usage.

Our automated meter reading technology ensures complete transparency over your water usage. Real-time usage data enables our experts to identify potential cost savings to your business and compare performance across multiple sites. Clear reporting tools enable you to prove the bottom line impact of our changes, and show the potential value of further improvements.

Modernise and Maintain Your Water Infrastructure

By working with you to map and measure your water infrastructure, we can identify areas of improvement and address potential disruptions to your supply before they happen, minimising waste and keeping costs low.

Our leak detection and repair teams can spot the signs of potential leaks, track them to their source, and fix them. For older networks, they’re also able to recommend and install pre-emptive reinforcements to maintain your network to the highest standard.

We are also experts in designing and implementing new water infrastructure. By recommending appropriate systems and efficiency measures, we can ensure your water network delivers optimum performance and efficiency from day one.

Keep Your Business Compliant

Our compliance solutions provide full confidence that your business complies with relevant legislation, and that it provides a safe environment for your employees, tenants, and customers. With state-of-the-art technology combined with expert advice, our solutions ensure that your operations run smoothly and in line with all applicable regulatory requirements.

For healthcare providers with responsibility for the safety of their patients and employees, maintaining high levels of water hygiene is crucial. Our legionella management solutions combine a thorough risk assessment with a bespoke remedial strategy, along with training and straightforward monitoring processes to ensure regulatory compliance, as well as the safety of the people within your premises.

Strategic Water Management

Our strategic water management consultancy supports your business to reach the very highest levels of efficiency, performance, and sustainability. Our services in strategic water management consultancy are entirely bespoke, based on an in-depth understanding of your business processes and objectives.

To date, we’ve helped businesses develop on-site wastewater treatment plants, install grey water solutions and advanced anaerobic digestion systems, generating significant savings in water and sewerage charges. We’ve also provided our clients with inspired ideas for generating new revenue streams from waste products, and leveraged new technology to help them create pioneering renewable energy installations.

We’re proud of our past projects, but we’re even more excited about what’s coming next. Our team of experts are constantly searching for new industry developments and innovations, and putting them to work for the businesses we work with.

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