The importance of proactivity in identifying and fixing maintenance issues


Save Money

The most obvious reason to be proactive with water maintenance issues is that in the long run, the costs you will save by staying on top of maintenance far outweigh any investment it may require.

Leaks are a huge drain on money.

Even a small 5 litre per minute leak can add up to £5000 on your yearly water bill. On top of the increased water usage, leaks that are left for long periods of time can worsen, causing the repair work to grow more costly.

Leaking water can cause damage to your business’s premises, sometimes even major foundational and structural damage, which will result in considerable repair costs and could even force your business to close whilst the damage is fixed. Serious leaks can also cause disruption to your water supply, which may result in loss of operation for your business while it is resolved.

By ensuring that your water system is in good condition and keeping a close watch for any unexplained increases in water usage – or water being used when no one is on site – will allow you to identify any leaks quickly and minimise the cost to your business. Investing in Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology will allow you to receive live usage data and help you identify a leak quickly and before too much damage can be done.

Protect the Environment

As well as the costs a maintenance issue can incur to your business, poor maintenance of your water system can also affect the environment.

Businesses have a corporate social responsibility to save water and ensure their operations are streamlined to minimise water wastage. Recent figures show that water scarcity is a pressing global problem, and experts warn that the hot weather in summer of 2018 could lead to droughts and water restrictions being put in place in Spring 2019.

Businesses that ensure their water system is well maintained and water wastage through leaks or low-efficiency appliances is minimised can be sure that they’re not only protecting their business by not contributing to water shortages, but are also fulfilling their environmental responsibilities.

It’s also worth considering that in the event of water restrictions being put in place, businesses that are found to be wasting large amounts of water are unlikely to be particularly popular. So not only does good maintenance save money and protect the environment, it also protects your business’s public reputation.

A water audit conducted by an expert can identify numerous ways that your business can save more water and suggest low-cost, high-impact solutions for streamlining your system and reducing your water wastage.

Ensure your site users’ safety

Maintenance issues are not restricted to leaks. A well-maintained water system is not only free from physical damage, but also free from unused or unnecessary stretches of piping or conditions that encourage the growth of harmful bacteria such as legionella. Being proactive in reducing the risk of legionella is not only a legal obligation, it is also important for the protection of your business’s staff and building users.

Legionella is a bacteria that, when inhaled, can lead to potentially fatal cases of Legionnaire’s disease. It grows in water, and thrives in certain conditions, including areas of water that are left to stand, water that is kept between 20 and 45°C and water that contains rust, organic matter or biofilm.

It is therefore important to ensure that your business undergoes a legionella risk assessment regularly and is proactive in the maintenance of its water system. This includes removing any unnecessary stretches of pipe so that water cannot be left to stagnate and ensuring water systems and appliances are clean and free of rust and organic matter. The initial investment of streamlining and cleaning your water system is miniscule when compared to the legal costs and loss of reputation should any health issues occur due to poor maintenance.

Take Control of Your Water Maintenance Today

Whether you want to save money, protect the environment or are worried about the safety of your water system, our experts can help. From helping you identify leaks and streamlining your system to ensuring your business is free from Legionella, we can offer advice, carry out audits and complete any maintenance works your business requires.

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