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Desktop Audits

We can provide a personalised view of how your business could save money and improve water efficiency, without the need for a site visit. Using data specific to your business, our remote water audit report provides an initial idea of how and where your business could save, which can be used to demonstrate the value of future investment in streamlining your business’ water infrastructure.

Using data on how and where water is currently being used on your site, our expert team can analyse your current water usage and effluent charges to provide an initial picture of the options that might be available to reduce your water usage, and of how much you could be able to save.

Our team will combine the information you provide with years of experience, practical knowledge and benchmark data from similar businesses in your industry to provide a personalised set of recommendations for improving your water management.

By analysing data such as your water and effluent costs over the past few years, the size and location of your site, how your business uses water in its day-to-day operations, and an estimate of how many people use the site in a typical day, our experts will provide a water efficiency report that is as accurate as it can possibly be without an in-person site visit and inspection.

This report provides a guide to how much your business might be able to save, which can then be confirmed with a site to provide more accurate data and a structured, costed plan of specific areas where your business can reduce its water usage and/or trade effluent costs.

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Every business we work with is different, and we tailor our approach and solutions to your individual business objectives and challenges. To find out more about how Total Water Solutions can help your business take control of its water usage, please contact us.

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A member of our expert team will be on hand to discuss your requirements and help develop a customised strategy.


What's the cost of your Bad Habits?

Making small changes to your water usage not only benefits your business, but the environment too.

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