Reduce your water usage

Ensuring your business has a clear view of its water usage

We work closely with you to understand your current usage trends, benchmarked against others in your industry, and to provide ongoing advice on ways to improve performance and lower your bills. Starting with clear measurement, we are committed to proving the bottom-line impact of our work, and build a business case for ongoing improvement measures.

Desktop Audits

We can provide a personalised view of how your business could save money and improve water efficiency, without the need for a site visit. Using data specific to your business, our remote water audit report provides an initial idea of how and where your business could save, which can be used to demonstrate the value of future investment in streamlining your business’ water infrastructure.

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Onsite Audits

Water and effluent audits help us to identify areas of improvement to reduce your water and sewerage charges. By analysing your current water usage and prioritising potential areas of enhancement, we can create a customised set of solutions to address the specific challenges your business faces.

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Automated Meter Reading

Our automated meter reading technology ensures complete transparency over your water usage. Real-time usage data enables our experts to identify potential cost savings to your business. Clear online reporting tools enable you to prove the bottom line impact of our changes, and show the potential value of further improvements.

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Commercial Leak Detection

Our leak detection and repair teams can spot the signs of potential leaking or burst pipes, track them to their source, and fix them. Even a small, 5 litre per minute leak can cost over £5000 per year, so this work can rapidly help your business achieve significant cost savings.

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Pipe Repair Service and Water Pipe Maintenance

Our team are able to recommend and install pre-emptive reinforcements to maintain your network to the highest standard, whilst minimising disruption to your operations. We provide all the necessary plant, machinery and resources to keep your pipes in excellent condition.

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