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GPR Surveys

Through carrying out GPR Surveys (Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys), we can map all of your utility network infrastructure as well as underground structures and potential voids. This allows us to identify areas of improvement and address potential disruptions to your supply before they happen.

Our network mapping solutions can help your business identify potential cost savings, reduce the risk of disruption to your business, and help ensure that any future works run smoothly.

We use GPR Surveys to build up a detailed picture of your building’s underground infrastructure, including the layout of all your utilities. GPR surveys are non-invasive, don’t require any digging, and can be carried out with little or no disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Following your GPR survey, our experienced surveyors will then create a detailed 2D CAD drawing of your utility infrastructure, as well as any other underground structures or voids. We can also advise on any opportunities or risks identified as part of the GPR survey and provide support with implementing any repair or maintenance work.

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