What is Tankered Waste?

Under the regulations laid out by the Environment Act, businesses are obliged to ensure that waste is disposed of safely, with no danger to people or the environment.

Tankered waste is liquid waste that is unsuitable for discharge into the public sewer system, or waste that is received by us from tankers that service areas without a connection to the public sewers. This might include waste from septic tanks, cesspools, chemical toilets, or waste containing hazardous or organic matter, including acids, alkalines, biodegradable toxic waste and high COD & ammonia streams.

Our tankered waste experts have years of experience in ensuring that all waste is responsibly dealt with. Our industry leading facility at Bran Sands holds an EA permit stating they can treat hazardous waste, and do so responsibly and with exemplary eco-friendly credentials. Our experts can advise on your liquid waste disposal methods and help you maintain compliance with your paperwork, waste storage and other legal responsibilities.

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