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RPZ Valves & Testing

RPZ valves reduce the pressure to your site and should be inspected every 12 months. Our annual inspections diminish the risk of RPZ failure resulting in potential disruption to your site supply or a sudden increase in pressure which could result in more leaks.

Controlling water pressure to your site can help significantly reduce your water usage, and save money on your company’s water bills. Regular maintenance of your RPZ valves reduces the risk of disruption to your supply, extending the life of your water pipes.

Our team can advise on strategic RPZ valve placement to give you greater control over problematic site areas, which could be prone to high levels of leakage. We can also help you install, monitor and maintain RPZ valves to ensure an optimal water pressure to your site at all times. By regularly inspecting and testing RPZ valves, our engineers can identify faults early, then repair or replace valves depending on the severity of the issue.

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