Legionella: Remote Temperature Sensing

Innovation in Legionella Management

Temperature monitoring is extremely important in controlling Legionella bacteria growth in your water system.  You will often hear experts stating “keep the cold, cold and the hot, hot” as this creates an environment which the bacteria will struggle to grow and that’s exactly what you want.

The traditional method is for a trained and competent technician to visit your site(s) and use a probe to measure the temperature to ensure it reaches the outlet below 20°C (cold) or above 50°C (hot).  This is time consuming and more importantly wastes fuel in travelling, contributing to carbon in the environment and can disturb the people using your buildings.

To solve these problems, we offer Remote Temperature Sensing (RTS).  We install discrete sensors on your assets which intelligently monitor the temperature.  They then send this information securely to our portal where you can view the data, be alerted to a non-compliance and create reports for your stakeholders.

RTS is fully compliant with HSE guidance ACoP L8 and HSG 274 part 2.

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