Legionella: Hot Tub Management

Hot tubs and spa pools have been linked to cases of Legionnaires' Disease in spas, leisure centres, hotels and private residences. The very nature of hot tubs gives them an increased susceptibility to legionella build-up, meaning that regular legionella risk assessments conducted by professionals is highly recommended.

Where appropriate measures are not taken to prevent legionella, hot tubs and spa pools are particularly prone to encouraging legionella build up. This is due to several factors:

  • Temperature – hot tubs and spa pools are usually kept at temperatures between 30°C and 40°C – the perfect temperature for legionella to thrive.
  • Air-jets – spa pools and hot tubs often include air jets or similar devices to agitate the water. These jets can also produce aerosols (water droplets, or water spray), meaning that if legionella is present in the water, it is more likely to be inhaled.
  •  Multiple bathers – commonly, water in hot tubs and spa pools is not replaced after each bather, and with a much higher ratio of bathers to water volume than a swimming pool, this means that a significant build up of organic matter can occur, which supports bacteria such as legionella.

It is therefore important to be aware of the dangers of hot tubs and spa pools, and to be able to manage them effectively. Our expert team are highly experienced in managing the legionella risks of spa pools and hot tubs, and can help you keep on top of your legislative responsibilities, and ensure your customers, patients and clients are safeguarded against harmful bacteria.

By undertaking water company approved water tests and analysis in our UKAS accredited in-house laboratories, our team can assess your water hygiene levels and advise on straightforward processes that will keep your business compliant and safe.

We can also provide tailored training to you and your team, to develop the knowledge and skills required to maintain a safe and hygienic environment in and around your pool.

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