SME and Multisite Organisations

Total Water Solutions offers a comprehensive range of solutions to support small or medium enterprises, or larger organisations operating from multiple sites. Our customers in these sectors tell us that they have complete trust in our expert team to ensure the smooth operation, compliance and efficiency of their water systems, whether they operate from a single premises or have multiple water supplies to manage.

Understand Your Water Usage & Save Money

From the outset, our aim is to give your business a clear view of its water usage. We work closely with you to help you measure your current usage and understand any trends in your bills. With a wide range of industry experience, we can help you benchmark your performance against similar companies in your industry to get a clear picture of where you stand. Water and effluent audits help us to identify areas of improvement to reduce your water and sewerage charges.

Our automated meter reading technology ensures complete transparency over your water usage. Real-time usage data enables our experts to identify potential cost savings to your business, and compare performance across multiple sites. Clear reporting tools enable you to prove the bottom-line impact of our changes, and show the potential value of further improvements.

Our experienced team will work closely with you to reduce your water bills. By understanding your individual usage, we can recommend simple changes and straightforward advice to help you and your team lower your water usage and save money. Whether you have a single small business location or a network of sites to manage, our team will help you identify improvements and put them into practice with advice and support every step of the way.

Keep Your Business Compliant

All businesses are subject to a range of water regulations, and keeping on top of these can be challenging. Our compliance solutions provide full confidence that your business complies with relevant legislation, and that it provides a safe environment for your employees, tenants, and customers.

Water hygiene is a crucial area of responsibility for employers, landlords and business owners, and we support the businesses we partner with to effectively manage legionella risk. Our legionella management solutions combine a thorough risk assessment with a bespoke remedial strategy, along with training and straightforward monitoring processes to ensure regulatory compliance, as well as the safety of your employees or tenants.

If you manage multiple sites, our consultants can also support you to streamline your compliance processes, ensuring consistency across all your premises, and taking advantage of efficiencies and economies of scale.

Keep Your Water Supply Running

Most businesses rely on a consistent water supply, and could be forced to close their doors if this supply is interrupted. Total Water Solutions team are on hand to help you manage the risk that a burst pipe might cause to your business, and to get you back up and running fast if something does go wrong.

As experts in water infrastructure, our team can provide a fast and effective response to leak repairs, replacements and installations of new pipeline, to make sure that if a problem occurs, your supply is restored as quickly as possible.

Our leak detection and repair teams can spot the signs of potential leaks, track them to their source, and fix them straight away. For older networks, they’re also able to recommend and install pre-emptive reinforcements and modernisations, to maintain your network to the highest standard and prevent future problems before they occur.

Take Advantage of The Latest Industry Innovations

Our strategic consultancy can support your business to achieve the very highest levels of efficiency across your premises, transforming your water infrastructure to market-leading standard.

Every project we take on is unique. To date, we’ve helped businesses save money by installing grey water solutions, leveraged new technology to help them create pioneering renewable energy installations, and helped them to maintain and develop their infrastructure to save money and ensure the very highest levels of safety for their tenants and employees.

Our team of experts are constantly searching for new industry developments and innovations, and putting them to work for the businesses we work with.

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