Total Water Solutions offers private side water mains and supplies installation to support Developers with their projects. We can also support you with compliance being specialists in chlorination and pressure testing to ensure sign off from your local water authority.

We understand that the new connection process can be complicated, even for the most experience developers.

Where can TWS support you with your development?  We need to draw a distinction here, we are NOT part of the Developer Services/New Development Team at Northumbrian Water or Essex & Suffolk Water and we operate as any other third party.

If you need to start the new connection process you can follow the below links to get your documents and contacts for the relevant team.

TWS can support with private side installations and chlorination and pressure testing and offer any support and guidance we can even if that’s directing you back to the Developer teams.

We also operate outside of Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water supply areas.

So if you have your Developer Pack back from the Developer Team and are looking for expert contractors click the blue box to the right, fill in your details and attach your documents and our Technical Agents will be in touch with next steps.



Upload your Developer Pack or find out more about how we can help.

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