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Our downloadable resources cover a range of topics to help you better understand and manage your business’s water usage, whether your goal is to reduce your bills, ensure your water supply is safe and hygienic, or learn more about how your water systems could be improved.

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Understanding Water Network Mapping

Did you know that if your building is more than 30 years old, you probably have no idea where your water pipes are?

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Understanding Grey Water Harvesting

Mains water is carefully managed and controlled to a high standard, so it always reaches your business premises clean, clear and safe.

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The Complete Guide to Monitoring Water Wastage

If you don’t have a water management strategy in place, it’s very likely that your business is using more water than it needs.

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Protect your Business from Contaminants in your Water Supply

Whatever industry your business operates in, a clean, safe water supply is a critical element of your day-to-day operations.

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Improve Performance by Streamlining your Water Management Processes

Effectively managing your business’s water usage can mean juggling a wide range of different priorities, and each business has its own characteristics which must be accounted for.

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How Leak Detection Can Improve Your Business’s Efficiency

If your water usage spikes suddenly, a leaking pipe is a possible culprit, and tracking this down should be a priority to prevent a major increase in your water bill.

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Five Things to Consider Before Moving to A New Water Supplier

While many businesses could save, it’s important to weigh up the options carefully before deciding to change supplier.

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Five Steps to Ensure Compliance

Ensuring compliance is a key priority for most businesses.

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Dealing with Unexpected Issues

For most businesses, a consistent, high quality water supply is vital to the continuity of their operations.

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Things to consider when choosing a strategic water partner

Businesses are responsible for staying compliant with an ever-increasing range of regulations relating to their premise.

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Ensuring Your Water Solution is Aligned to Your Business Objectives

Different business objectives require a different approach to managing the quality and efficiency of your water supply.

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Understanding Effluent Audits

Trade effluent costs can be high, but there are often ways of improving your business processes to save money.