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For any medical practice, ensuring patients are treated in clean, hygienic surroundings with a minimised risk of infection is paramount. Protecting both patients and staff from harmful bacteria such as legionella is not only important for their health, but also for the business’s regulatory compliance.

When N&N Dental approached TWS for a legionella risk assessment, the team responded by ensuring the work was completed to fit the client’s tight deadline, providing same-day responses to queries and exhibited openness and expertise every step of the way.

N&N Dental runs a number of dental practices in the North East, and as such is required to exhibit exemplary levels of hygiene plus extra diligence towards health and safety.

N&N Dental required a legionella risk assessment to be carried out prior to a health and safety inspection at their practice on Chester Road, Sunderland. The deadline was tight, as the team needed to ensure they could prove their compliance with rules and regulations for their inspection, as well as ensuring that their customers and staff were protected.

TWS scheduled a risk assessment to take place with one of our expert legionella technicians within the week. While the assessment was being carried out, the technician explained exactly what they were doing and which parts of the water infrastructure within the premises they were checking and why, in order to increase the client’s understanding of legionella and high-risk conditions.

The technician pointed out remedial actions that needed to be undertaken to ensure the risk of legionella within the premises was further minimised and explained why it was advised they be carried out. For instance, the practice had flexi-hoses installed as part of their plumbing fixtures, which have recently been proven to provide ideal conditions for a biofilm to form and hence they now need to be removed which then reduce the risk of legionella growth.

In addition, TWS advised on the most appropriate training for the practice, which would allow their staff to be aware of the risk of legionella and how best to avoid legionella-friendly conditions from forming. This training also meant that the business could prove its compliance.

Whilst carrying out some of the remedial works stipulated by the technician, the team at N&N contacted TWS for advice on how best to carry the works out, receiving a reply with answers to their questions the same day.

The risk assessment documents and structural diagrams were delivered to the client in good time for their inspection, and N&N have confirmed training sessions to take place with their team. As a result of the excellent customer service and expertise displayed by the TWS team, N&N Dental have asked for future risk assessment and training to take place at their other dental practices across the North East.


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