Esh Group

By partnering with Total Water Solutions, Esh Group have seen a 63% saving on their annual water bill. With the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) installation being such a success, we are now working with them on a number of other projects to increase their utility savings even further.

Esh Group felt that their water bills were higher than they should be, and partnered with Total Water Solutions to identify ways to reduce them. Using monitoring equipment, including AMR meters, we were able to identify a number of unusual patterns in their water usage, including water being used out-of-hours when no appliances were in use.

By tracing the sources of the unusual consumption, we were able to detect leaks and water system malfunctions which, once rectified, saved Esh Group over £10,000 per annum on their water bills. We’re now working with Esh Group to install more advanced electricity and gas monitoring equipment, to help them save even more across all of their utilities.


Water Consumption

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